Gourmet Photography, Paris…

Houlala !

Food & Gourmet  photography as food stylist is so easy (but so enjoyable) i couldn’t resist to test my new camera (Fujixpro2) that way…

hope you like it !




Pierre Atelier 

Pierre Atelier is Storyteller and portrait photographer based in Paris. He specializes in international travel and destination weddings / elopements worldwide.

New York – Paris

VOGUE / KINFOLK / BIPPITY MAGAZINE  / MY LITTLE PARIS / my little wedding / junebug wedding / Ruffled /  fly away bride / stye me pretty / my little wedding / The Green Wedding Shoes / 100 Layers Cake / Un Beau Jour / La Fiancée du Panda / With a love like that / a queen for a day / la mariée aux pieds nus / Wedding Sparrow / trendy wedding


Manoir de Corny / La Catrache 



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